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With over 20 years of experience in biotechnology and science, we are working on novel biotech solutions which will bring tremendous benefits to patients.

Our Mission

BioCrypton is developing comprehensive multiplexed BioChip and liquid biopsy noninvasive tests to study, diagnose and monitor chronic diseases.Our mission to track cancer and other diseases more efficient to improve survival rates of patients. 

Our scientific focus is Glycoproteomics. Protein glycosylation is a critical regulator of major metabolic pathways in the cell and tissues microenviroment. Unlike genomics, glycans are highly dynamic. Importantly, glycosylation patterns of proteins demonstrate significant changes during disease progression and can serve as highly sensitive sensors for diagnostic and monitoring complex human diseases.

Understanding cancer:

Work and learn with us about this complex disease

Our Approach

After genomics and transcriptomics - proteomics and biologics based nanotech are the next steps in the biotechnology evolution. Human proteome is far larger and more comprehensive then genome. Moreover, the proteome is ultra-sensitive to intra- and extra-cellular stimuli and environmental factors. This gives us a significantly wider window and much better opportunity than genomics when it comes to designing translational strategies to resolve critical questions about complex diseases, response to therapeutics agents, development of sensitive molecular tests to diagnose and monitor complex chronic human diseases like cancer, autoimmune and neurodegenerative disorders.


Our Science