Management Team


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​​​​​​Valeria Ossovskaya, Ph.D., the founder of BioCrypton, served as CEO, CSO and Board of Director from 2012 to 2017. Prior to BioCrypton, Dr.Ossovskaya served as a Director of Sanofi Innovation Center West Coast and Director at Sanofi Global R&D from 2009 to 2012. From 2003 to 2009 Dr.Ossovskaya served as co-founding partner and Director of R&D at BiPar Sciences. Prior to joining BiPar, Dr.Ossovskaya served as Assistant Research Professor/Biochemist at UCSF and Scientist at Rigel Pharmaceuticals. Her experience includes a number of R&D collaborations with global biotech and pharmaceutical companies, including Johnson & Johnson, Janssen Pharmaceutica, Novartis, and Oxford Gene Technologies. Dr.Ossovskaya holds a B.S. in virology and biochemistry, a Ph.D. in molecular biology, completed her molecular genetics fellowship at the University of Illinois at Chicago and postdoctoral training at UCSF. Valeria has received multiple awards including the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) and NIH/ NIC awards and published a number of scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals. Dr. Ossovskaya holds more than 35 patents and patent applications.

Mikhail Gishizky, Ph.D., joined BioCrypton team as a principal co-founding partner, Executive Vice President and Advisor in December 2012. Dr.Gishizky is an biotech and pharmaceutical expert and executive with broad experience in biopharmaceutical R&D and technologies that have led to breakthrough drug therapies, such as GLIVEC® and SUTENT®, and molecular diagnostics. Dr.Gishizky was a co-founder of Sugen where he served for 18 years in various positions including Vice President Research and Target Discovery through the acquisitions by Pharmacia and Pfizer. After Sugen, Dr.Gishizky served as Chief Scientific Officer at Entelos, leading in silico pathway analysis R&D programs. Dr.Gishizky extensive expertise includes drug development, technology implementation, bioinformatics, translational clinical research at biotech startups and big pharmaceutical companies. Dr.Gishizky is an accomplished entrepreneur and serves as Partner at Strategic Opportunity Ventures since 2009.  Dr.Gishizky business experiences also includes IPO, liaison with US government, FDA, non-profit and pharmaceutical organizations. Dr.Gishizky has published a number of scientific peer-reviewed papers and holds number of patents and patent applications. Dr. Gishizky received a B.A. from University of California Berkeley, holds a Ph.D. in Endocrinology from UCSF, and completed postdoctoral training at the UCLA.

Olga Potapova, Ph.D., joined BioCrypton as a co-founding partner in September 2014. She serves as the President and a member of BioCrypton Board of Directors. Since 2003 Dr.Potapova serves as Chief Executive Officer and Scientific Director of Cureline, spinoff from Sugen, a group of biotech companies focused on human tissue research, histopathology and translational medicine projects. At Cureline she is responsible for company's worldwide business operations and Cureline's collaborations with clinical centers and hospitals in US and 16 countries worldwide (Europe, South America and Asia Pacific). Dr.Potapova is managing Cureline's strategic research collaborations with NIH, FDA and contributes as a principal investigator for the Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) NCI/NIH project. Prior to Cureline, Dr.Potapova held scientific positions at NIH, Sugen, acquired by Pharmacia/Pfizer. She has been involved in multiple successful research programs including the development of cancer therapy SUTENT®, prenatal diagnostic tests, human biospecimens procurement, and multiple preclinical drug development programs. Dr.Potapova is an international expert in strategic alliance management and business collaborations. She holds an M.S. degree in Physics and a Ph.D. in Biochemistry. Dr.Potapova has received multiple awards and fellowships from AACR, AFLAC, NIH and NATO.